B2B content


Fresh as a daisy. Direct as a blowtorch. B2B content designed to permeate and take up residence in your reader's brain. Rhythmic too – because studies show it makes a difference. 


Video scripts that knock it out of the park 

Email me for a private link to my "O Canada!" video, created as an icebreaker for the annual meeting of an international financial services firm, held in Toronto.

Complete with rap script and knock-out imagery!  

Killer editing 

Make your message punchier, sharper and more engaging – in a heartbeat. Your blog gets more hits / your landing page gets clicks / your whitepaper moves your buyer further along the buyer journey.

Design resources

Ask me to provide a design partner to help you create powerful videos, e-books, whitepapers, sales sheets, and other B2B marketing collateral. 

Marcia talks brevity